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Investment Loans

Investment loans can be used in several ways. Buying property, shares and much, much more. There are several different strategies to use but the most important one is the one that best suits you.

Obtaining investments are a great way to build wealth. Benefits of capital growth and income streams can be a way you grow wealth. Many people believe it is too hard and complicated and never take the time to enquire. At Sharp  Home Loans, we would like to show you how easy it really is. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.


Construction Loans
Tips on building or buying a property


Study to save sanity – consider all the hidden charges. If building, allow $50,000 for floor coverings, curtains, landscaping etc but remember new homes need less maintenance. Consider any government grants and whether an investment will have tax benefits.
Look at the landscape – every market is different. Compare the price of vacant land and building with buying an established home. Building can be cheaper, unless you buy an existing property at the bottom of the market. Do your sums carefully.
Get organised – being well prepared can stop the financial headaches. When building, your lender will want a copy of your fixed-price building contract – any changes that cause costs to go up may need to come from your own funds.
Use your head – building a house means you design exactly what you want but, as will renovating an existing property, it’s important to consider the re-sale value. Do not overcapitalise or go too way out.
Consult an expert – the building process can be daunting and complicated. Build strategically and talk to experts, including your mortgage broker, to end up with a better product.
First Home Buyers
There have been recent changes to the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) commencing on the 1st July 2017. For all the up to date changes regarding the first home owners grant it is best to go to The State Revenue Office website

Below are some tips to help you when buying your first house.


Five top tips when buying:


Indecision at the start – do an evaluation of the pros and cons to look at the practical issues.

Under or over-estimating – do your homework first, to get a picture of the current market price.
Financial uncertainty – knowing your financial position gives you the power to make decisions.
Confused needs or wants – draw up a list of property must-haves to enable you to choose wisely.
Disagreement in the ranks – make sure that everyone involved in the buying decision is in agreement.
Contact us at Sharp  Home Loans for a free, no obligation home loan application. We can get you in your first house quicker than you think.




If you’re not happy with your current bank, then do the talking with your feet…
Recent Government changes have now made it easy and cost effective to switch your home loan. It is important to ensure that your existing loan is the best and most suitable for you. With so many great products and competitive interest rates being offered by several different lenders at present, if your loan is not the best on the market it could be costing you thousands of dollars. To ensure that your home loan is still the most suitable for you, please contact us for a free no obligation home loan health check.



Personal Loans


Personal loans are a great way to obtain money for almost anything. Personal loans can be used to buy a car, get that extra cash for a holiday, purchase electrical goods, caravan, boat and much more.

There are many different personal loans around that have a wide range of interest rates, fees and charges. To ensure you get the right personal loan at the right rate that best suits your needs, contact us today.



Low Doc Loans


Low doc loans are designed for people that are self employed. Varying situations will sometimes mean that your income as a self employed person does not meet the normal lending criteria of the banks.

We at Sharp  Home Loans understand that self employed people sometimes have complex situations and just because one lender cannot help you does not mean other lenders can’t either. We will take the time and make the effort to give you all the options we can provide. Contact us today for a free, no obligation meeting.



Commercial Loans


Commercial loans relate to commercial properties and whilst they can sometimes be more complex than normal home loans, they are still very achievable. More and more people are looking at commercial properties for many reasons including investments, for businesses to operate from and for new businesses to start. Also, some businesses may currently be renting the premises they operate from and may want to buy rather than rent. Contact us now as owning commercial property can be a great way to invest or can save you thousands of dollars in rent.